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May 2, 2024 ·

It is me, Mapler! I am one of the creators of RBXQoL, along with Mega. I will be writing the first ever blog post, and all I have to say is; Welcome to the first-ever post on the RBXQoL blog! This blog will be the home of news and updates about the development of RBXQoL.

What even is RBXQoL?

RBXQoL is a comprehensive mod designed to enhance the RBXIDLE experience for users. It offers a wide range of features, including utilities like a tax calculator for Roblox developers, a private server ID saver for easy access to withdraw, and a specs calculator to help users determine if their device meets the requirements for running RBXIDLE smoothly.

What is happening in the future?

In the soon future, RBXQoL will become it's own client. We are hoping that by doing this, we can create more complex structures for users. Better UI, stability, AUTOMATIC UPDATES, a smart AI chat and an AI algorithm system. Currently, we are in the Alpha stages of development, but things are going smoothly so far.

How can I keep updated with the new client?

To stay updated with the development of our new client, you can join our Discord server and keep updated with our blog.

We're excited to share our journey with RBXQoL and look forward to bringing you a more stable, user-friendly experience. Stay tuned for updates by joining our Discord server and following this blog. Thank you for being part of the RBXQoL community!