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RBXQoL temporarily seizing updates

May 3, 2024 ·

As many of our dedicated users may already be aware, RBXQoL, along with its various services, will pause all updates for the foreseeable future. This decision comes as we await a new release from RBXIDLE and a renewed effort to connect with the community.

We deeply appreciate the developers of RBXIDLE, understanding that they have demanding schedules filled with work and educational commitments. However, what's been challenging for us, and perhaps for you as well, is the prolonged silence from the developers. The last software update was released in January, leaving us unable to address critical issues. As a result, our community members have repeatedly reached out to us, urging us to update our mod or services, which we simply cannot do until RBXIDLE itself updates.

Recently, I had a constructive conversation with Rudgers, one of the owners of RBXIDLE, where he thoughtfully considered our criticisms and concerns. We greatly appreciate his responsiveness, but we also recognize that continuing to update on a semi-dormant app isn't viable. The lack of communication and updates has left us in a difficult position.

As for the future, only time will tell what lies ahead. RBXQoL may remain on hold for a while. The last RBXIDLE update was on January 27th, and their website still offers the installer for version 1.0.6. For now, we won't be updating or supporting our software.

We want to express our gratitude to the community for their feedback and positive support during this challenging time. Your understanding and patience have been invaluable to us as we navigate this situation. Thank you.