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Building Natural Language Software Control AI

June 9, 2024 ·
Mapler Profile Picture Mapler,
Voom Technology

Welcome to our third blog post, it's June 2024 and we're excited to tell you more about our latest advancement – AI Chat.

Just a heads-up: this blog post dives into some pretty technical stuff about machine learning. If you're not familiar with how it works, it might be a bit tough to follow. Don't worry, though – our official launch will break it all down in simpler terms!

AI Chat is our groundbreaking feature that uses natural language processing by which you can communicate with RBXIDLE like never before, and it will be super easy. It's designed actively to understand and give responses in a conversational way, making it easier than ever to operate your client.

How Does It Work?

AI Chat uses Sparkle 3, one of our strong large language models (LLMs), in collaboration with Voom and an anonymous AI research group. The LLM is dedicated to understanding user commands and processing input, identifying the intent, and then performing actions within RBXQoL. It makes it possible for users to do complicated things by only talking to the AI.

Below, is a diagram which goes into further detail on how your requests are processed under the hood, providing a glimpse into how AI Chat does its magic:

Diagram 1

Illustrated above is an interaction between the user, the RBXQoL OS Cloud server, and the Sparkle 3 LLM. The user generates a request to the RBXQoL OS Cloud server, which transmits the input to the Sparkle 3 LLM to convert it into machine-readable code. This code is then turned over to the RBXQoL OS Cloud server for further processing. Once the execution has been concluded, the server sends a language message back to the user that describes how the task was completed.

As of June 9, 2024, the AI will run externally on our cloud infrastructure rather than locally. Our server is equipped with powerful hardware, including five RTX 4090s, two RTX 3070s, and one RTX 3060 Ti. This robust setup ensures that AI Chat operates efficiently and can handle the complex computations required for seamless natural language processing.

What features will it have?

AI Chat is feature-packed, with features such as a mining algorithm switcher, settings changer, mining profitability analysis, monitoring of temperature and power consumption inside the system, client settings changer, and much more. Such features enable users to have better control of their operations, thus attaining high efficiency in performance. Note that those features shall not always be available but will be activated only when you give permission, hence providing complete control over the functioning of AI and reducing the wastage of system resources and increase in privacy.

With AI Chat, for example, you could inquire which mining algorithm is the best for your PC. The AI would go through the configuration of your specific hardware and end up with an algorithm that fits your system's specs the most. Once it identifies the most appropriate one, you can easily switch to it with a simple message, ensuring maximum efficiency and profitability.

What it be free?

The use and integration of AI Chat in its powerful features will be entirely free for all users to experience. This is made possible because of our dedication to the provision of accessible technologies, together with massive support from our dedicated partner, Voom. This will enable us to provide an AI Chat to our users as a no-cost solution because we can use our infrastructural resources, which are abundant.

How can I get started in using this feature?

Although you can't test AI Chat yet, we are eager and uplifted to inform you that it will be accessible in the upcoming 1.0 update. This release gives all the powerful features and seamless integration of AI Chat at your fingertips, allowing you to enjoy enhanced experiences and productivity without much ado.

In summary, AI Chat is our latest milestone in leveraging natural language processing to enhance User Experience while interacting with our software. Set upon the potent Sparkle 3 LLM and backed by our high performance Cloud infrastructure, AI Chat can offer features such as mining algorithm switching, settings changing, profitability analysis, and system monitoring. All of this will be coming soon in update 1.0 free of charge. Thank you for staying with us on this great journey. We look forward to you receiving AI Chat and seeing with amazement how it changes your workflow!